Examples of my work

Examples of my work available for download

Building a healthy city: Festival of the Future City & Healthy City Week

During October 2017, Bristol’s Festival of Ideas team ran the ‘Festival of the Future City 2017’. I took part in a session about how local projects and programmes are creating a healthier and more environmentally sustainable future city – the underlying idea being that the future is already with us if we build on existing successes. Below is a SoundCloud clip of the talk:

My talk is about Bristol’s food journey and approaches to transforming city food culture, illustrated by images which you can also see here.

Public sector procurement from West of England food suppliers

The role of private sector in the Bristol city region
food system – Joy Carey and Katrin Hochberg

The role of private sector in the Bristol (UK) city region food system

Regional food supply into public sector food procurement – Joy Carey and Katrin Hochberg

Who Feeds Bristol? Towards a resilient food plan (2011):

A baseline audit of the food system’s strengths and vulnerabilities

Who Feeds Donostia-San Sebastián (2015):

similar to the above with a focus on local and regional food supply. Due to be published in Spring 2016.

Local Food Roots film (2013):

35 min documentary licensed for community screenings that chronicles the emergence of an innovative UK local food movement http://localfoodfilm.org.uk

‘How Bristol is becoming a sustainable food city’:

‘Creating space for sustainable food systems in urban communities’:

‘Urban and Community Food Strategies:

Big Lottery Local Food Fund impact assessment and evaluation reports